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FSPsvm : Prediction of N-Formylmethionine Residue


This predictor detects whether a sequence is likely to code for a prokaryotic protein. It uses a support vector machine to predicts whether the translation initiation codon for methionine will undergo a post-translational modification to N-Formylmethionine, which occurs in prokaryotic peptides only.

Paste your query sequences into the box and hit submit.

Sequences should be in FASTA format with identifiers on the first line after a >, and sequences on the second line. Sequences should have no spaces. Sequences shorter than the window length are padded with 'X's. Sequences which do not begin with Methionine ('M') will be ignored. The window length is 20.

Example sequences:



Yang, Z.R., 2008, A web tool for predicting prokaryotic proteins through detecting N-formylmethionine residue in sequences Biosystems [Dataset]